Why should I buy ProVibe Elite?

ProVibe Elite is designed for private home use. This machine delivers oscillating vibrations to the body through a flat platform. It is safe, requires no supervision or prescription to use. It is simple and straightforward to operate.

The public, high-use medical and athletic models cost thousands of dollars. For example, Power Plate – $4000 to $8500, Proellixe Vibration – $12,000, TurboSonic – $7,500 and up, VibroGym – $8500 and up, Pila-Vibe – $12,000 and up, M-Power – $9,000 and up, Galileo – $8000 and up. ,Vibraflex – $6500 and up, K2 Vibration Plate – $3500 and up, Fit-n-flex $3,850 – $8,250. Their weight, user protocols and moving platforms distinguish them from the ease and simplicity of the ProVibe Elite. Recently, less expensive home models have appeared for sale. They are not made with the quality of a ProVibe Elite unit. The easiest way to tell is to look at the warranty. Many don’t list a warranty at all; some offer 60 days, some 90 days and some 6 months. Even the expensive commercial models listed above come with just a 1-year warranty. All PROVIBRATION machines come with a 3-year full manufacturer warranty, 10 year warranty on motor and a 30-day full money back guarantee.

As a smart shopper, you’ll want to know that the manufacturer is standing behind their products and what choices you have if something goes wrong with the machine. The ProVibe Elite is an excellent choice for benefits, reliable customer service and price.

Is ProVibe Elite easy to use?

Yes, the ProVibe Elite is easy to use. The console LED pad directs the on/off power and lets you select a preset program or the ability to set your own speed and time of your workout. If you have experience with other workout equipment, the ProVibe Elite directions are clear. The console pad is easy to read. It is easy to move from one position to another so you are exercising all of your body. The way you place your feet on the vibration pad will also
Is the ProVibe Elite workout fast and effective?
Yes. ProVibe Elite provides a resistance exercise workout that is proven to be effective in 10-minute sessions. The programs are designed to run a total of three minutes. The self-directed program will also last 10 minutes. We recommend not to exceed 20 minutes in any one continuous workout. The reason is you will stimulate too much lymphatic drainage. Research has shown that whole body vibration builds muscle mass 1 ½ to 2 times faster than conventional weight workouts. Performing some of the exercises with movement will greatly increase the effect.

What if something goes wrong with the unit?

All PROVIBRATION machines come with a 3-year full manufacturer warranty, 10 year warranty on motor and a 30-day full money back guarantee. We are a phone call away. If we cannot fix it on the phone or with a simple replacement part, we are going to ship you a new unit at no cost to you. You would then put the original unit in the box that the new one comes in and notify us that it is ready to be picked up. We would then notify FedEx to pick up the unit.
How does the ProVibe Elite cause my muscles to contract automatically?
When you are standing on the ProVibe Elite the natural balance in the human body is disturbed. Many muscles will be activated in order to recover the balance lost. By changing the angles of the joints and the muscles around the joint involved will naturally stretch. This stretching is registered by the muscle spindles, which will send a signal through the afferent nerves to the cortex, which in turn will react with signals through the spinal cord and cause a reflex contraction of the muscles involved.

Is there a training schedule to follow?

It’s a good idea to begin gradually using the ProVibe Elite in 5 to 10 minute sessions, one to two times a day. Because the initial training phase occurs on a neurological level (as it also does with conventional training), it is necessary to become accustom to this new form of training to receive the full effects. Your initial condition will determine when you begin to see the results normally between 2 to 6 weeks.
Recommended progression of time and exercise:

1. Extend the time of each exercise or pose. Move from 30 seconds to 45 seconds to 60 seconds
2. Increase number of sets per exercise
3. Perform exercise dynamically
4. Add additional exercises
5. Increase the speed
6. Incorporate unilateral movement (i.e., perform exercises on one leg, etc.)
7. Increase Amplitude – Low to High

How often & how long should I use the machine?

The most important of these questions is “How long can i use it?”
It is important that you not use it longer than 20 minutes in any one session. The reason is that you will stimulate a lot of lymphatic drainage. All the toxins that are being released in your body will make you feel a little goofy. You also need to drink a lot of water to help eliminate these toxins. Most people can use it several times a day without any problems.

Is it safe?

Yes. The ProVibe Elite is safe for everybody that wants to improve his or her fitness and health. From the physically fit to the sedentary, almost everyone can enjoy the benefits of this home-use machine. You can be overweight, have chronic pain, stiffness, or even be recovering from an injury, and still get benefits from the ProVibe Elite.

Is it low impact?

Yes. With resistance training there are basically two ways to increase your results. One way is to lift increasingly heavier weights. This approach can be too demanding for some people. The other form of resistance training is repetitions ProVibe Elite uses the second approach. ProVibe Elite ’s vertical vibrations cause your muscles to involuntarily contract and release. This is a reflexive, “knee-jerk” response. This rapid repetition builds muscle tone in a safe, low-impact manner.

Who cannot use the ProVibe Elite

Most adults from the physically fit to the sedentary can use the ProVibe Elite. While the following list of medical conditions is not complete, we h3ly advise that you consult with your physician before using the ProVibe Elite if any of the following conditions applies to you. This does not mean that if you are suffering from any of the conditions on the list, you could never use the ProVibe Elite. In a number of cases, it is highly recommended to integrate vibration training in a treatment plan under medical advice of a doctor, specialist or physiotherapist.

  • Pregnancy
  • Pulmonary embolism
  • Acute hernia, discopathy, spondylolysis
  • Acute Thrombosis
  • Severe diabetes
  • Known neurological conditions
  • Migraines
  • Epilepsy
  • Pre-existing deep vein thrombosis
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Recent infections
  • Pacemaker & Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators
  • Cancer or Tumors
  • Known retinal conditions
  • Poor somatosensory receptor sensitivity on the plantar surfaces of the feet
  • Recently placed IUD’s, metal pins, or plates.
  • Recently recovering from an operation or surgery, such as a hip or knee replacement.

If you are experiencing other symptoms, brief or long-term conditions, or are on medication, consult your physician before beginning a vibration therapy regimen.

My doctor/specialist doesn’t know about whole body vibration, what should I do?

Both nationally and internationally, vibration training is becoming more widely known. The knowledge and know-how on the many applications of vibration training is growing rapidly, not only in the world of health and fitness clubs, but also in the area of medical and rehabilitative care. If your doctor, specialist or physiotherapist would like to know more about whole body vibration and its possible applications, have them visit our web site for more information.

Will the ProVibe Elite improve my flexibility?

Yes, one of the first things you will notice is that your body is becoming more flexible and your range of motion is increasing. Research has shown that stretch exercises with vibration gives a greater increase in flexibility than stretch exercises alone. An extra bonus is that your muscles are stretched in a functional and active position.

I want to train my entire body on the ProVibe Elite. Can I do all of the exercises at once?

Yes, training on the ProVibe Elite has an enormous advantage over traditional training as it causes considerably less damage to the muscles. However, the speed of recuperation depends on ones level of physical fitness and the specific exercises that are done. Training your entire body in one session is absolutely no problem.

What will it do for me if I’m already in shape?

ProVibe Elite offers resistance training. This occurs because the combination of speed and rapid muscle movement increases the force of gravity on your body. The ProVibe Elite provides resistance training and simultaneously increases your flexibility. The ProVibe Elite will change your mind about exercise. This is why so many professional sports teams use whole body vibration training.

What if I’m a couch potato?

Do you just hate exercise? The gym is not convenient to you? Just to busy or too tired to exercise? The ProVibe Elite can help you change. Imagine, in your own home, at any time, wearing whatever you want, standing up for just 5 minutes. Now imagine the ProVibe Elite under your feet. Your first experience is a gentle vibration that travels up through your legs to the deep center of your torso. You will experience the health and fitness benefits immediately because the sensation you are feeling is every muscle in your body contracting and releasing, getting h3er. This is exactly how everyone gets h3er. Soon you will begin to notice an improvement in your posture, and the ability to stand taller and longer. Then you’ll find that you have increased stamina and energy. Activities like stair climbing, bending over, lifting and even jumping are easier. This is exercising, and you are doing it! Keep exercising and enjoying the changes in your body.

Are there advantages to dynamic training?

You can perform the exercises without movement (statically) or with movement (dynamically) on your ProVibe Elite. Dynamic exercises tend to be more effective because they will exercise all of the muscles, ligaments and tendons in the range of motion rather than just the muscles, ligaments and tendons that are active in the static position . If the ProVibe Elite is used for therapeutic treatment, the therapist may instruct you perform the exercises statically. When you begin to use your ProVibe Elite, you will naturally start in a static position to learn the proper technique, so that you will be able to perform the exercises in the best way possible for yourself.

My mother is 80 years old, can she use the ProVibe Elite?

One of the first applications of whole body vibration was for combating osteoporosis. It has proven to be a very effective weapon against this problem. The scientific research has shown a connection between muscle strength and bone density. The vibrations during a session enormously stimulate the bone tissue. In a recently published study, post-menopausal women trained 3 times a week for 6 months, after which a tremendous increase in bone density was measured. When using your ProVibe Elite, you will activate your muscles in an easy, safe and simple manner, without having to use external objects such as weights, or dyna-bands. There is also a lot less strain put on the joints, ligatures and tendons during vibration training than with conventional weight training. All of the results that can be achieved by young people are attainable for the elderly as well